THE Virginia Kingdom Chronicles

This map displays the American continent in the year 2190 with the new territories that have arisen in the aftermath of the Black Harvest. Other than a few outpost settlements, the West was essentially vacated during the Great Migration east during the 22nd century by those seeking food, shelter and employment in the more economically successful territories. 

Here are the ten districts of Virginia, the largest and most powerful of the sixteen territories of the American continent. There is still room for potential growth as the lands north of the great lakes have yet to settle under any official territorial designation.


This is a map of Europe and the tip of North Africa where significant events within the VKC series take place. Some regions are congregated with city states (large cities surrounded by their own territory to form an independent state), while other rulers have succeeded in amassing large swaths of land under their control.

Now...I originally had a nice colored version with the cities added in, but since I-am-not-a-graphic-design-gifted person, I did not save that edit, and now only have this black and white version featured in Book Two: The Exile. Note: Each of the cities are locales for story lines within the new book.