THE Virginia Kingdom Chronicles


Book Two Is On Her Way...

OK. At first I thought Spring/Summer 2016, than Autumn, but I started a new job which takes up a lot of my time and has impeded my progress on Book Two. There are no issues with the storyline, just the time it takes to put the book to paper, or laptop rather. The cover will be up within the next couple weeks, but the actual book will probably be January/February now. I'm excited to put this out, but I want to keep up the quality as this one is jammed-packed with a lot of narrative and details.

I will also be posting a Briefing on The Royal Families of Europe soon. Thank you for your patience!

L.L. Livesey

August 4th, 2017- In retrospect, I was way off on the amount of time needed to do the final edits. See my note from Author's Notes- 2017