THE Virginia Kingdom Chronicles

The Koning Family TRee

The Koning family tree displays the line starting with Espen Koning who first arrived in Virginia in 1992 after stealing millions from Brunie Bronck’s cocaine cartel. In the later years after the Black Harvest, his granddaughter, Saskia Koning, will one day rise to become Virginia’s first prime governor. Other families that rose along with the Konings include the Perraults, the Brixhams, the Chemas, the Lunas, the Passantes, and a host of others that make up the first families of the nobility of Virginia. Some of these families rose to prominence from humble beginnings as migrant workers on Espen’s farm prior to the Black Harvest; others happened to be the first to join forces with Koning House in the direct aftermath of the devastation that wiped out close to ninety-five percent of the world’s population.